The Goolalies


Casual game suitable for all ages.

Unlike other boring petting games, Goolalies has dozens cute monster, objects you can interact with and minigame features, like fishing, dating, tournament, and many others. Play it now for free!

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The Goolalies

Sunday, January 22, 2012  //  0 Comments  //  Android, Products

The Goolalies come from far far away planet to the Earth planet. They come with peace and like to be friends with humans.

As Earth environment is different, they need to be taken care to adapt in new home. While others accept them, others dislike them.

It’s your job to take care of them and protect them from enemies!

  • *Dating system
  • *Minigames
  • *Dozens cute Goolalies
  • *Evolution system
  • *Outfit system
  • *And much more!